Grand mom and Me!

I have always preferred the company of those elder to me. Not that I don’t gel nicely with youngsters but more often than not it’s the elder brigade I ll be found hanging with. And that includes the ‘oldies’.The world today talks of generation gap and how it has spread up in our society.I don’t deny its existence but I haven’t faced or rather felt its existence ever in my life.In my opinion, it’s mis-communication rather than communication, ego clashes rather than clashes of thoughts that exist.Generation gap is simply a manifestation of impatience and intolerance.we do not have time today to listen to anything apart from what profits us and tolerate anybody challenging the boundaries of our egos.
My grandmom is coming to Delhi-my home (all my uncles and aunts live in various parts of the country,so she visits each of the places at least once a year) and oh no! it’s not the Baghban type scene out here, all her children and grand-children want her to spend time with them so she needs to judiciously divide it between us.And so i passionately await her arrival.Although her stay in Delhi means i need to take out time from my jam-packed schedule to listen to her stories (they include stories of her childhood, my father’s childhood, my childhood which I have listened for a hundred times now.Also the new ones as in-who said what, who did what,on her latest trips plus the anxiety of me growing up and marriage etc.(I am still not 20!) and not to forget the stories of tv soaps that she watches religiously).But still I love her.I lie down in her lap and feel her soft protruding tummy, touch her hand, the skin has lost its elasticity with age, comb her golden-white hair.I just love to be around her.
There are times when she says things that irritates me like my marriage or my getting up late on a sunday morning but it never puts me off. (not that I am trying to prove that I am a super-human) but coz of the fact that I love her and loving means respecting her principles and thoughts as much as I do mine.And then there is nothing left to argue or prove my point.
when she gets too hysterical at times and is not ready to see the changes of modernity, i simply hug her and say “aap wo sab chodiye and ye bataiye uss XYZ serial mein aaj kya hua”? and she like an innocent child forgets what she was saying and then another round of stories begins!
What I want to express is that with love and tolerance all problems can be solved by us. Generation gap is just one of them!


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  1. Sarah,

    That was good read. The words in bold put a smile on my face.
    Believe me, your mom is not alone, there are many other in this league πŸ™‚

    Keep blogging bud.


  2. Errata,

    I was refering to your grand mom and not MOM


  3. hey..good to c u here again and better that u liked it πŸ™‚
    i m aware that many out there share the same stage and that includes my mom errors forgiven πŸ˜‰


  4. This is so nice… its reminded me of my Granny… I drew her once… have a look
    but that’s an old story… now a days she is suffering from memory loss and doesn’t even recall my existence… 😦

    Loved your post though… brought back all those sweet memories…


  5. Beautiful. Btw, I am speaking as a grandmom πŸ™‚


  6. […] do things other than playing and reading together. And I do hope that she will be as loving as the granddaughter,whose blog I visited this […]


  7. I loved this piece…Your posts and mine have a lot in common I feel.Nostalgia and personal stuffs are my fav subjects too..

    Had been to your blogspot blog. Fantasitic!!


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