And she won, finally….

Sitting here, beside my dear friend I am taken into a flashback. Memories unwind. I remember the time she first told me about herself, about her life. She was the only daughter born in one of the middle class family. The world may have moved on , and we may have become open-minded but evil does remain. Girls are still frowned upon as if it was their mistake that God sent them to this world. She was born in one of those ‘all-male’ families, who knew men and wanted men only. And due to some complications her mother couldn’t bore another child.A ‘mistake’ that she and her daughter had to suffer for.

But hers was a different story, different from cinderella or snow-white tales. she was fed well, wore good clothes, was sent to a well-known public school. everything about her was similar to a ‘normal’ well-brought up girl. even her mother loved her.That was the only love she received. that’s it! she was not loved enough, respected and cared for enough. Her father , uncles and all males of that ‘all-male’ family still frowned upon her. Stoned her with words that left her self-respect and confidence bruised and tittered into pieces.. so much so that now in her teens she was a shy,timid girl. Who sat in the corner most desk of the class, absorbed in books. While other girls talked about fashion and boyfriends, she sat there ignited by the desire to prove herself to her father, her uncles and whole of the male dominated society she was a part of. She had never known of fathers love, sat on his lap, listened to the stories. All she knew were curses and glances of hatred whenever she passed by her side. Her mother did all she could, but poor lady was herself helpless and ill-treated.

I had never seen those male-members of her family, but I hated them. Cursed them. And secretly prayed that somehow something would happen and she will be able to shun that world of hers and vanish to a place where she would be free and loved for who she was. a girl.A girl with a heart of gold and a soul so pure.But  she was more realistic and always shrugged me off by saying “my life is real, it’s not a fairy tale or a movie-it wont change.

However, evil can never lodge for long. God is great. He sees and he does miracles too. Good has to win over bad.And it happened! She was offered a scholarship to study abroad. How she and her mother convinced to let her go is another story but she was finally leaving today.

A sob startled me. It broke my reverie and I came back to reality. Here she sat besides me, my dear friend for the last time.She was crying. They were tears of parting mixed with freedom. I hugged her and smiled. She smiled back saying “your prayers paid off, I will miss you”.  I choked and just managed to say ” I hope you never come back here”. As we parted, I looked up to the sky and thanked my God. Goodness had won.Evil was left there, defeated.

They say victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. But like I said ‘hers was a different story’. Here ‘victory had no fathers and defeat was left childless’.

PS – Its been two years since she left. I dedicate my Diwali to her.May she continue to shine with all brightness over all evils that surrounded her life.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting description, and one that we all are very much familiar with. Female child is not very appreciated in India and that is one sorry state of affairs that needs to be corrected at the earliest.

    On the other side, the narrative could have been better were a perspective of one of the males added to it, as much you hate them!

    BTW, what does her mother, and all those males think about her now?


    • thank u so much…i m still not aware what males think about her so that wud have been a lil untrue to narrate.
      her mother was always supportive, the only support she had. as for her father n uncles, i wonder if they even care?! As soon as she settles there, she wud call her mom..lets hope for the best! 🙂


  2. Hey Sarah,
    Welcome to Blogosphere.
    I have to say you are a wonderful writer.
    Loved your post .
    Good luck with the contest.
    I am sure going to linger around a bit longer, yet to read your poetry


  3. wow nice narration.. i hope these narrow minded people learn one day that girls are also capable of doing great things just like guys.. i hope she is doing great.


  4. Sarah,
    I loved your post and apologies for a long comment. Kudos to that spirit who braved odds to achieve what she wanted. I hope she grows up to be a person who fulfills her potential and be kind to the “males” who frowned upon her.

    If I can afford a small observation, it would be this. Replace the girl in the picture with a boy and paint the boy’s family as matriarchal, i.e. Women being unkind to male child etc… I wonder what would have been the consequence. Females and feminists might have been enraged at this thought and cried wolf.

    But men are I guess mostly thick skinned and too lazy to support any cause related to gender [or any] of worth. A husband’s group calling out for protection from their housewives is laughed upon. As in our culture feelings and emotions are considered effeminate.
    So, I think that might be the reason why the males in the family of the girl couldn’t empathize with her.


    • hi dhanesh!
      u dont need to be sorry for long comments on blogs 🙂
      u contradicted ur statement a bit i guess….i would have loved to give a male view point also but since it was all about narrating the true incident i kept it this way.
      although what i feel about our males(indians) is that they would never show even if they felt some remorse at their deeds. but i desire to know the fathers’ view point if not others who i feel is more of a puppet in the hands of the male dominating family.
      thnx for ur views and visit. 🙂


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